who we are Sycamore Premier is a nonprofit, youth community-based sports club serving the area that coincides with the Sycamore Community School District in Southwest Ohio. Our mission is to organize youth players within the community onto club teams that will participate in highly-competitive leagues with a specific aim to build a broader pool of talented kids better prepared to compete for the Sycamore area high school programs.  our purpose  To build a broader pool of talented youth players in Sycamore playing with familiar friends. To retain skilled youth players in Sycamore to play together and build chemistry for success later on. To connect the area high school program expectations to the youth player development. To meet these goals, Sycamore Premier creates a comparative club experience to alternative youth club programs offered in the area, yet within a differentiated model. Sycamore Premier believes our model can attract a broader group of skilled youth players from Sycamore by offering local professional training opportunities at a significantly lower cost in a comparable club experience. The all-inclusive model supports participation for economically-diversified youth in Sycamore to play at a highly-competitive level; and for some, providing an opportunity to play in highly-competitive leagues that would otherwise be unaffordable.


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